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Greg picked up his first guitar at the age of 4, then again at the age of 7.  After putting it down and picking it back up several times, it eventually stayed glued to his fingers by the age of 14.  Intrigued from the get-go by American and British blues, Greg has explored many genres of music through the years.  His current focus on the solo acoustic guitar has brought him full circle to the passion of where it all began.  At the surface, Greg's playing style evokes textures of Leo Kottke, Michael Hedges, and Stefan Grossman. Digging deeper you find a myriad of influences from baroque, traditional “American” melodies, Afro-American, Celtic and even classical Indian music. 

In addition  to live performance, Greg has also spent many years as a respected instructor to some of the most talented performers in upstate NY.  Many of his students have gone on to achieve success in the music profession, such as his former student who is an instructor at The New School in New York.  Another has created his own record label, while others play for personal enjoyment.  

Greg enjoys starting beginning players on their musical journey. Based on knowledge and experience gained teaching guitar for many years, Greg has developed a personalized curriculum for intermediate and advancing players called Above and Between the Frets. Inspired by the Americana musical forms, this teaching method is a series of stylized courses that offers a unique take on advancing the guitarist's musical journey, formed around American roots music styles.The courses focus on these five facets of guitar instruction:

Guitar Theory (with an emphasis on composition)

Finger Style Techniques (alternating bass, Travis Picking and alternate tunings)

Blues & Rock Method (classic to modern electric guitar styles)

Bottleneck Style Guitar (slide for the acoustic and resonator guitar)

Electric Bottleneck Guitar (slide for the electric guitar)

These five areas provide a course of study that nurtures students in developing their own artistic expression.  As Greg says...."It is much about having fun, while you move forward on the journey!"

Mary Kathryn says, "I am pleased that Greg is a part of our studio for many reasons, but especially because he can really get students excited about putting in the practice time to really move forward on their musical journey.  That is crucial to success for any student and he has the magic words to help it happen."
Check out his website to see his performance schedule and more.
Sample Greg's music at Old Boy Records.