Studios on the Square

…create a professional and positive setting where music lessons, classes and events are offered to the community at large by a collective of musician teachers dedicated to quality…

Jeff Howell teaches bass guitar at the studios.  His career includes teaching, composing and performing around the country as well as internationally.  Jeff played bass for many years with the renowned band, FOGHAT and gets together with them for an occasional gig as well as his usual schedule of teaching and guest appearances.

In his own words..."I teach all levels of players from beginner to advanced.  Competent players come to me for advice and I get the ball rolling with younger students who are excited about learning bass. You've got to get results.  While having fun with students, I try to drive home the importance of forward motion with their playing.  To never settle, but constantly strive to be the best musician you can be."

Mary Kathryn says,  "Jeff has that unique perspective that a lifetime playing in professional venues teaches.  It is about a dedication to your craft, a striving to be at your best and a jest for the work so that it truly becomes play."

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