Studios on the Square

…create a professional and positive setting where music lessons, classes and events are offered to the community at large by a collective of musician teachers dedicated to quality…

Welcome to Studios on the Square !

We are happy that you have decided to join us. 

Clear communication, understanding and cooperation lead to a successful experience for everyone. 

Best of luck in your studies!


Students will pay a one time only family registration fee of $25. This fee secures your chosen lesson/class slot and contributes to processing costs. It is due at or before your first lesson.


Monthly tuition (or payment plan) is due the first week of each month. For new students, your first monthly tuition is due at or before the first lesson. Lesson fees are payable by cash or check made payable directly to your teacher. Any penalty fees due as a result of checks presented for insufficient funds will be the responsibility of the student/parent and payable in cash to the teacher.


Students are expected to attend all lessons to help them move forward on their musical journey. If an absence must occur, please note that lessons cannot be rescheduled with the teacher, nor can a refund be made. Our schedules are very busy and your time has been reserved for you. If however you know in advance that you will need to reschedule, consider being on the “swap list”. This is a list generated by each teacher with your consent. You may on your own swap equal lesson times with another student without consulting the teacher. This is a courtesy, so try not to use more than once a month. We understand that illness does occur, so if you are sick, please do not attend your lesson/class.


If your teacher must be absent, he/she will try to schedule a makeup lesson for you. If this is not possible a credit will be made to the next month’s tuition. In some circumstances, a substitute musician teacher may do the lesson. Please consult your teacher for details.


As a general rule, the studios will be open if there is a school snow day. Please check with your teacher about lesson cancellations. If the weather is severe, we will place a notice with area TV stations.


A communal waiting area and restroom are provided. Please attend to your children and do not leave them unsupervised. Students are reminded to wash their hands before going into their lesson as a consideration to others and to the studio's instruments.


Our teachers will give you their own information regarding their specific areas of expertise. Suggestions of where you may rent/buy instruments as well as what kinds of piano/digital/keyboards are advisable will be shared. Based on our years of experience, we will recommend particular method books that we prefer to use. We try to match student learning styles to various methods and will certainly do our best to accommodate all.


Many students wish to participate in performance events, festivals or competitions. Your teacher will share details.


Learning any skill takes consistent, focused repetition. If your child is the student, music lessons really are a family affair. Please provide an environment where patience and consistent support is the norm. Make it part of your daily routine. Commit to a great experience and you and your child will enjoy the music making even more. For adult students, enjoy the thrill of learning something new or polishing up that music you used to play.

Thank you in advance for following our studio policy.